Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A brief and scattered life update

Sooo.  Here's the thing.  I was gone all last week on a tech-free retreat with my wonderful YAGM Argentina/Uruguay family and I leave tomorrow for another computer-less week in Buenos Aires.  I'm going to give a quick update of my life, and I'll expand upon the details when I return!

1.) My church here, San Timoteo, celebrated Reformation Day with a special service and a celebration with some treats after.

Most of us together after service.

I decorated a cake with some help from roommates.  I don't consider myself very artistic, so I have to admit that I was pretty excited this actually turned out pretty decent.

2. We also had a small Halloween celebration at the comedor.

Holding our ghost suckers high and proud.  My wonderful roommates helped me make these for the kids.

I gave a little talk about the origin of Halloween.  But let's be honest, the suckers were WAY more exciting.  

 We got into costume by decorating some masks of different characters and animals.  This is my other cat friend and I.

3.  I spent a week in Uruguay for a retreat with my YAGM family here.  It was a wonderful spanish break spent with some pretty wonderful people....and animals.

I love cows. Well, I love all animals, but I really do love cows.  This is me with the baby of the farm.  Each day we enjoyed fresh milk, cheese, and dulce de leche compliments of her mama and the other gals.  

Getting a tour.  All the food grown here was organic...and delicious.  So. Incredibly. Delicious.

A little volleyball fun with the crew.  Our days here were filled with learning and sharing, but playing as well.  Futbol, frisbee, volleyball.  So great.

Nothing better than a group bonfire accompanied by songs and stories.

4.  During a long weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Recoleta, a rather well-known cemetery in Buenos Aires and the planetarium.  

Katie, another YAGM volunteer, taking some photos amongst only a few of the many monuments that make up the cemetery.  It's almost like a little village with small streets that wind through the graves and monuments of different shapes and sizes.

The skyline was filled with angels and crosses in all directions. Rather beautiful, but slightly eery.

The planetarium glowing in the night.  

Well, it's past my bedtime and I need to wake up early to head to Buenos Aires.  I will include more next time and put a little more time and effort into the post.  I would also like to add that I'm doing without spell-check and grammar-check so don't judge me too harshly. 

Thank you for keeping up with my life!  I pray that wherever you are reading this, health and happiness are with you.  Everything continues to be well here as I continue to learn and live within this new country and culture.  Until next time!



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