Saturday, June 7, 2014

The beauty of my home

I've realized recently that since settling in here in La Plata and making it my home, I've begun to take for granted the beauty that is all around me in this city as often happens when people get comfortable. So this past week I decided I was going to really notice what was all around me and it's amazing what I discovered.  I found gorgeous, old buildings that I pass everyday without even a glance, colorful flowers, and hidden, ornate details.  It's truly amazing the beauty that can be found when you take the time and attention to look for it.  

There are a so many beautiful old buildings in La Plata, with intricate details.  The thing is, they are often hidden behind layers of paint and grafitti.  There is A LOT of grafitti here in Argentina.  Almost every building you pass has been painted on, even the government buildings.  I've come to realize that no, the graffiti is not all that beautiful, but a lot of the beautiful street art that comes along with the graffiti makes up for it.  So after a few pictures of buildings, flora, etc, I've included the collection of photos I've snapped of the murals that cover the walls here. This is only a sample as there is so much more than what I've posted  throughout La Plata and Buenos Aires. I find it all incredibly beautiful. 

It's been over a year and a half since I've experienced the changing colors of fall, so this was a welcome sight!
My bus wait when traveling home from the comedor.  
Despite the cool weather, colorful flowers remain in bloom!

This Ohio girl will never get used to the seeing palm trees while bundled in a coat and scarf.  I thought palm trees signified that you were in a place that never got cold??  It's getting pretty chilly here...

These are two of my favorite old buildings that I pass when I walk.  One stands next to a large apartment being built and just doesn't seem to belong anymore, the other is covered in graffiti. When you look close the old details are incredible.

STREET MURALS... Unless marked otherwise, all photos were taken in my city of La Plata
Technically not on the street, this is on a church wall in Buenos Aires that children of the congregation painted.  I just can't get over the fact that they included Spongebob and Patrick in the Noah's ark story.

Buenos Aires

"Take care of our environment!"

Montevideo, Uruguay

I love this one and don't judge me for that.  Or you can, whatever.  I just love that she seems to have thrown off all limitations, expecations and quite obviously clothing.  She just looks so free and content. She found harmony or "armonia".

This is actually the art on the wall of the church.  You can't see it so well but it shows Jesus at a table with people of all types and from all places.  He sits with open arms, welcoming all. 

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