Thursday, May 2, 2013


We finally made it and are in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland!  (Well, we're departing now but had recently arrived when I started this). Within our time here we've visited the Guinness Storehouse where we learned about the brewing process, poured our own perfect pints, and enjoyed a drink on the sky deck where we took in beautiful views of the city.

We have spent most of our time here just exploring the city, on our own, with a tour, and with a fellow boilermaker friend from Dublin, Niall. He was certainly the greatest tour guide we could've asked for and showed us areas we would've never seen on our own.  We were able to meet up with him and his gal again on Wednesday for drinks and "chippers" or french fries as we know them.

Thursday we also took a short train trip to the seaside town of Howth.  It was so different from busy Dublin. In Howth we took a beautiful cliff walk to a lighthouse, had a picnic along the trail and made a seal friend.

As for a few pictures still in need of explanation... the cafe we were at was called the bald barista and it was attached to our hostel.  The barista was actually a bald man with "the bald barista" tattooed across his head. Our plan to get a picture of the man fell through unfortunately, but you can still see his image etched in the window. And no, we are not going to Starbucks for our coffee. That's just our favorite place to sneak in and steal WiFi.

On our way to Edinburgh, Scotland now! I will post again in transit to our next destination!

...As a final note, a special thanks to Hannah Winger for driving us to Chicago last minute when the greyhound didn't show up!

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