Sunday, May 5, 2013


Well, we made it to Paris earlier this week and have been enjoying the beautiful but hectic city.

Our time in Edinburgh was wonderful. It's a beautiful, old city with plenty of history. We were able to enjoy its beauty despite the rainy weather. Thanks to suggestions from a friend of Conner's, our time there was filled with great sites and great food.

Topping the charts was a teeny tiny, colorful Indian restaurant where we had the best food and drink, as well as met an Elvis impersonator, a street comedian who I recently visited Cleveland to try to set up a stand-up show at a prison (random?) and a Scottish man who had worked at a Texas camp, Camp Stewart, that Conner was very familiar with.

As true Harry Potter fans, we were able to brunch at the cafe JK Rowling frequented to write Harry Potter, the Elephant Room. The bathroom was filled with HP fan notes and messages. After seeing an IU fan message, our message obviously had to follow with a good old, "boiler up!".

We took one day to climb up to King Arthur's Seat.  It was a steep and windy climb with beautiful views of the city. We were practically crawling when we got to the top due to the heavy winds though... I wish I could upload video.

We've decided to do a European coffee house tour where we choose a quality coffee shop to visit in each country we travel to. Our choice for Edinburgh was Black Medicine.  It was an awesome with a great atmosphere and a great latte.  Very Greyhouse-esque in feeling. We may have had to go there twice...

On our last night we decided not to pay for stay at the hostel due to skyrocketing prices and an early flight the next morning... at 1 pm. So we decided to sleep in a park.  Just kidding.  Instead we hung out the hostel until 4 am until we catch a bus to the airport and sleep there until our flight.  See picture below.

While waiting at the hostel we made friends with a group of friendly but drunken Brits who were in town for a "stag party" or bachelor party as we know it.  Needless to say, we were very entertained and gained a few stories to bring home.

Anyways, y'all (as Conner would say) are missed and remain in our thoughts and prayers! Soon to come... Paris!

PS the grave stone is for Edinburgh's famous dog, Greyfriar Bobby, who remained near his master's grave 18 years until he himself passed. I'm pretty sure Max would do that for me...almost positive:)

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  1. Love it Kristyn! The story about the dog brought tears to my eyes. Keep good notes for when we go!

    PS Caddis would definitely do what Greyfriars did. :)