Friday, October 18, 2013

The HERE and the NOW

“In life we cannot do great things.  We can only do small things with great love.”
-Mother Teresa

I have quickly come to the conclusion that there is no sound more beautiful to my ears than a child’s voice calling out to me, “Señora!.”  I don’t know how to explain it, but that simple word tells me that even if just for that moment they desire my attention, my help, my praise (or at times to whine to me as kids do, but I love it all the same).  In those moments, I do not feel like the useless girl from the US still trying to navigate her way around a foreign place, as I often feel in my more frustrating language moments. I feel like I mean something, like I add something. 

My heart is completely full of joy during the hours that I am at the comedor (after-school type program for those of you just joining us on this journey).  Sometimes, I think on the these feelings of contentment inside myself while I am there and realize that all the other things taking place in my life do not matter.  All the other aspects of life that I find myself worried about or distracted by throughout my day disappear in those moments.  Within my time there, I know I am exactly where I need to be. I have found that this is one of the greatest feelings I have experienced.  I desire to be nowhere else, with no one else.  I want to be there with those kids, helping with homework, playing games, pretending I know exactly what they’re saying when they talk really fast, and hearing them call out to me in their beautiful little voices.

Finally, I have taken some photos to share with you all from trips to the comedor.  However, I am not yet comfortable taking out my camera to photograph all the time so they are limited.  The kids and I are getting to know each other and it just not feel like the right time to try to be taking pictures.  I want to share who all the kids are with all of you. BUT more so when they are completely ready to share who they are with me. 

As always, thank you all for the love and support.  I feel so blessed to be where I am, and am truly, truly happy.  None of this would not be possible without the wonderful people I have in my life, both near and far. 

Un abrazo,


This is the road I walk to the comedor after getting off the bus.  It's not open fields, but just getting outside the city with less people and more space, I find this walk to be so peaceful.  

"Compartiendo un Sueño" is the name of the comedor.  For additional info I think you should be able to look at their Facebook page.  They have a website, but it's all in Spanish and their Facebook page has more photos:

 After a day at the park (in which I forgot my camera) we returned to await parents.  The boys were all lined up to learn some Tae Kwon Do-type punches.  As you can imagine, they were really into it.

This is the outside of the classroom.  It's one room with a bathroom and a kitchen.  It's actually the garage of the woman who started it.  With time, she's hoping to expand.

As a special project, a volcano and town were built by the kids.  This was the exciting day of the volcanic eruption.  

Everyone gather round....

Success, for the most part.  Unfortunately for the project, fortunately for the pretend people living in the town, they lava flowed all over the table and floor instead of the "village".

After the previous photo my camera was passed around by the kids.  While they are all really nice pictures, many of them are similar so I won't share them all.  This one just goes to show that not everyone wants their photo taken all the time.  Some proof of why I don't always want my camera out...

My friend Eva and I

Finishing up the day with some games.  I lost.  Big time.  And if you know me, you know my competitive nature wouldn't let me lose just to be nice.  They won fair and square.
(Photo courtesy of Marina Ayala)

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